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Upcoming Events
Date Venue Details
1/12/2008 Northern Lights Lounge
660 W. Baltimore. Detroit, MI
Valentinos, and EOD.... $5 / 21+
Past Events
3/3/2006 The Belmont
Hamtramck, MI
  • 09:00 PM TBD
1/20/2006 The Belmont
Hamtramck, MI
Valentinos,   Human Eye,  Izquiardo
12/2/2005 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos,   Pernicious Knifs,   Free Radicals
11/25/2005 Smalls
Hamtramck, MI
The Nice Device , Valentinos, Brave Rifles, The Dollfaces
9/4/2005 Hamtramck Festival 2005
Hamtramck, MI
We will play on the South Stage at 4:30pm
9/1/2005 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos, SSM
8/27/2005 The Modern Exchange
Southgate, MI
W Vibe , Valentinos
$5 - Doors at 8pm
7/2/2005 The Belmont
Hamtramck, MI
Valentinos, Miss Alex White, Black Lincolns
6/24/2005 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
Breast Cancer Benefit:
A benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 8PM, 18+, $10.
5/7/2005 Painted Lady
2930 Jacob
Hamtramck, MI
Valentinos with Faung and Flora
4/1/2005 The Belmont
Hamtramck, MI
Valentinos, Tough & Lovelies, Loretta Lucas,  Hawkinson
3/12/2005 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos,  W-Vibe,   The Dollfaces
2/14/2005 Painted Lady
2930 Jacob
Hamtramck, MI
Valentines Day Party : Valentinos
1/15/2005 Smalls
Hamtramck, MI
The Elevations, Valentinos, Fifth Period Fever
1/7/2005 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
W-Vibe,  Valentinos, The Beggars
1/1/2005 Alvins
5756 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI ; 313-831-4577.
Metro Times Article
There will be a fundraiser for the Tim Van Esley and Scott 'Shwaac' Head families.
Several of Van Esley's and Shwaac's favorite bands are scheduled to perform including Pub Life, Human Eye, the Valentinos, A.L.D., Terrible Twos, Grayling, Gender, Speedball, Whiskey Diaries, The Big Spit, H8 Inc., the Bill Bondsmen and DJ Top Kat.
12/31/2004 Painted Lady
2930 Jacob
Hamtramck, MI
New Years Eve Party :
Valentinos, Human Eye, Terrible Twos, Vespas
12/30/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
The Denizens,  Valentinos
12/17/2004 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
The Waxwings ,  Valentinos, Space Heaters
11/24/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Cyril Lords,  Valentinos
The Night Before TURKEY Day.
11/19/2004 Corktown Tavern
1716 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI
Valentinos, The Singles, Baitling Siki
The Corktown Tavern is located 50 feet west of old Tiger Stadium.
11/14/2004 Smalls
Hamtramck, MI
Saturday Looks Good To Me,   Nice Device,   Valentinos,   The Dollfaces
11/3/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies, Valentinos
10/15/2004 State Bar
Detroit, MI
After the State Theatre Interpol show.
The State Bar is part of the State Theatre complex, located on Woodward avenue next door
to the Fox Theatre and across the street from Comerica Park.
9/25/2004 Painted Lady
2930 Jacob
Hamtramck, MI
Grand Opening Party : Valentinos & Friends

(Formerly Lili's 21 Club near Jos. Campau)
9/17/2004 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
Valentinos, Mystery GirlsGris Gris
9/11/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
The Paybacks , Valentinos,   Lee Marvin Computer Arm
7/30/2004 Radio Indie Pop
Internet Radio
Radio Indie Pop has added "Tell Me That Its Over" to their Frydays play list beginning 7/30/2004!
Check it out at
7/18/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Starlite Desperation,   Valentinos
7/5/2004 Fifth Avenue 
Detroit, MI
Valentinos,   The Birdgang
6/26/2004 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
Free show, afterparty for the Suicide Girls' show at the Majestic Theatre.
9 PM
6/19-20/2004 Rock City Festival
Detroit, MI
The Sunday Line up was as follows:
Man Inc, Elevations, Tiny Steps, Avatars, Gold Cash Gold,
Valentinos, Back in Spades, Detroit City Council,
Outrageous Cherry, SLGTM, Fondas, Pas/Cal, Hentchmen,
Blanche, Paybacks, Brendan Benson
6/4/2004 Smalls
Hamtramck, MI
TheeShams ,  Valentinos,  The Questions
5/22/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos, The Free Radicals
4/16/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Bisou Bisou,  Valentinos, Terror at the Opera
3/25/2004 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos, Some Action, The Trolls
3/9/2004 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
The Von Bondies, The Avatars , Valentinos
2/14/2004 Smalls
Hamtramck, MI
The Sirens,  Valentinos, Bisou Bisou
2/5/2004 St. Andrews Hall
Detroit, MI
Out of The Garage Festival, 
The Fondas, Valentinos, The Muggs, Jettison Red, Giant Jays, GT402 
12/31/2003 The Garden Bowl
Detroit, MI
New Years Eve Party w/ , Hard Lessons 
12/21/2003 "Benefit for 
Childerens Hospital"
The Go, The Piranhas, Valentinos, 
Hamtramck, MI 
The Piranhas, Valentinos, The Trolls 
12/3/2003 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
Rocket from the Tombs,  Valentinos 
11/26/2003 The Belmont
Hamtramck, MI
The Fondas,  Valentinos 
10/10/2003 The Double Door
Chicago, IL
The Von BondiesMiss Alex White , Valentinos 
10/4/2003 The Elbow Room
Ypsilanti, MI
Gore Gore Girls, Valentinos, Bisou Bisou
9/26/2003 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos (for Done Wrongs), The Riots
8/9/2003 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
Gore Gore Girls, Peelander Z , Valentinos,
8/1/2003 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos, Tangiers, Terror at the Opera
4/18/2003 Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
The Hentchmen,   Tyler Keith and the Preachers Kids, Valentinos 
4/16/2003 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Crimson Sweet, Valentinos
-/-/2003 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Valentinos,  The Flesh, Disabled Lover 
-/-/2003 The Lager House
Detroit, MI
Cyril Lords ,  Hot Machines,  Valentinos 
3/8/2003 Smalls
Hamtramck, MI
The Hamtramck Blowout w/ Gore Gore GirlsCyril Lords 
3/31/2003 Buddah Lounge
Detroit, MI
First Live Show

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